Mommy Me-Time

Another Valentine's day has come and gone and I am left thinking about how important it is to love on myself a little more often. Like in any relationship a relationship with yourself demands attention, work, effort, thought and care.


Raising two kids can get extremely hectic at times and trying to find some time all to myself can seem like an impossible task, but I have learned that with a little bit of planning me-time can be achieved. I’d like to share a few tips on how to plan some time for yourself and how I try to keep my sanity in the busy world of motherhood.

  • Start your day with a nice walk. It’s been proven that starting your day with exercise improves your productivity, boosts your metabolism and improves your mood. I don’t always get to start my day of with a nice morning walk, but on the rare occasion that I do I always feel refreshed and ready to take on my day. It also helps me work off those donuts that I’m so fond of.


  • Check something off of your to-do list. If you need to make an appointment but never really get around to calling this is the day or maybe you have some care packages you have been meaning to drop off at the post office but haven't gotten around to it, today is the day! For me just getting these simple tasks out of the way can free up to me-time later on in the day and on a psychological level it feels really good to check something off the list and celebrate it as a small victory.


  • Don’t wait until you feel like you need me-time. As moms we get used to putting everyone else’s needs first, so by the time we start feeling exhausted and overwhelmed it’s usually too late. Instead make sure to to plan ahead and schedule a few me-time breaks throughout your week.


  • Treat yourself to something sweet. I have a major sweet tooth so whenever I have some alone time I like to take myself out for some coffee and a donut. Every once and a while I’ll go out to try that new trendy coffee shop that everyone’s Instagramming about and sit, sip my coffee and just relax.


  • Plan yourself a fun activity for the week. When you have a fun activity planned for the week it gives you something to look forward to. I like planning for sometime in the middle of the week, but the key is to set a day and just plan something you really enjoy like going to the movies, getting a mani-pedi or going shopping, because darn it you deserve it!

Life can get busy and messy, but never forget to take care of yourself and make me-time a priority. Give yourself permission to put your sanity first.

With Love, Kitzya wide.png