Summer Bucket List


Hello Summer! 

We absolutely love this season because it gives us more time to be outside with the kids and enjoy the longer summer days. To make sure we get the most out of our vacation time and warm nights we have come up with a summer bucket list of 20 fun activities that we like to do with the kids here in Southern California and I want to share it with you!

These are simple activities that I like to do with Zara and Leon:

  1. Water balloon fight

  2. Make s’mores 

  3. Explore a new place

  4. Watch a movie outdoors

  5. Have a pillow fight

  6. Send a postcard

  7. Day at the splash park

  8. Have a dance party

  9. Read a new book

  10. Watch fireworks

  11. Paint with your hands 

  12. Bury your toes in the sand

  13. Make slime

  14. Go swimming

  15. Eat snow cones

  16. Jump over waves 

  17. Sleepover at grandparents 

  18. Visit the Library

  19. Eat cotton candy

  20. Go to the Drive-In movies


Do you have any recommendation that aren’t on this list? We’re always looking for new activities and ideas to add to our summer bucket list.

Hope your Summer is amazing!!

With Love, Kitzya wide.png